Per the National Weather Service, precipitation in Camden County from August 29, 2019 to
September 27, 2019 are 2.1" below normal and a 51%-75% departure from normal average
precipitation for the same time in previous years.
Trees in your yard, along the curbstrips in front of your home and around town need water.
According to The Arbor Tree Foundation soil around a tree should not completely
dry out nor should it stay soggy.
Over a prolonged period of time, either condition will kill a tree.
Keeping the soil consistently moist is essential to healthy trees.
Help us keep our tree canopy alive and well.


The Shade Tree Commission is a volunteer commission.  It plants and maintains all curbside trees (trees between the curb and sidewalk, or within the borough right of way in areas without sidewalks) as well as all public trees (in the parks or on municipal property) in the Borough. Commission Responsibilities include:

  • Removal and/or trimming of curbside and public trees
  • Planting trees in public and curbside locations
  • Reporting tree related problems to other Borough agencies
  • Maintaining Tree City USA status
  • Conducting Arbor Day ceremonies
  • Providing tips to the public on general tree maintenance
  • Providing guidelines for dealing with tree damaged sidewalks
  • Affiliated memorial tree and plaque program
Member  Term Expires 
 Anderson, Joan 12/31/2024
 Donohue, Kris 12/31/2020
 Mentzer, Kerry 12/31/2024
 Montefusco, Maria 12/31/2023
 Maria Nina Scarpa Council Liaison
Ray Woods  Asst. Council Liaison  

General Information:

The Shade Tree Commission may be contacted by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Memorial trees and plaques can be arranged by contacting the Commission.

The Borough code requires abutting property owners to obtain written authorization prior to removing a tree or cutting any part of a tree (including roots) under the Shade Tree Commission's jurisdiction. This includes trees between the sidewalk and curb. If you are planning to do such work, or to contract to have it done by someone else, complete the authorization for tree work form (see link below) and send or bring it to the Commission’s mailbox at Borough Hall. Include the name of the company doing the work. For pruning of limbs, include the CTE or ISA number of the arborist doing or supervising the work. Your request will be considered at the next meeting of the Commission, and you will be notified of the outcome. We will file the completed application with Thomas Connelly, the code enforcement officer, and return a copy to you.  

Merchantville Shade Tree Commission Request for Authorization for Tree Work

Pest Alert Emerald Ash Borer Alert  

Shade Tree information links:

Tree USA

Tree owner's manual 
  How to prune trees
  Pruning mature trees
  Spotted lantern fly
  Urban and Community Forestry in NJ
  Merchantville-Certificate Tree City USA for 40 Years
  Care of mature trees
  Benefits of trees
  Benefits of community trees 
Forestry Coloring and Activity Book



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