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Recycling Guide

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Resident Recycling Request

As a general rule, only bottles, cans, paper and cardboard should be placed in containers.
We are also asking that only #1 and #2 plastic containers be identified for curbside recycling as markets
for other types of plastic #4, #5, and #7 are weak or non-existent.
Items such as scrap metal, laundry baskets, garden hoses, plastic bags, propane cylinders,
hazardous wastes, etc. should never be placed in curbside containers for recycling.
Please clean, rinse, dry process before placing items in the recycling container.
This process will eliminate contamination by food waste, and liquids that in some cases,
renders otherwise recyclable materials non-processable, and requiring that they be disposed of as waste.

Trash, Recyling, Bulk Pickup

Trash, Recycling, and Bulk is picked up every Friday.
Collection pick up day will be Saturday on these Gold Medal Holidays:

Gold Medal Trash and Recycling Holidays:

   New Year's Day
   Memorial Day
   Fourth of July
   Labor Day
  Thanksgiving Day
  Christmas Day  

Please have items ready for pick up by 7 am.  Do not place items at the curb until after 3pm on Thursday. 

Also, please do not mix trash and recycling in the same can or bag; Gold Metal checks the bags and cans for content; they also use different trucks for trash and recycling pick up.  

Trash includes household waste, furniture, wood, toilets, sinks, beds, non-metallic showers and bathtubs. 

Chemicals must be labeled and placed into a secured container to prevent spills. Oil-based paint only includes stains, varnish, solvents. Motor oil, gasoline, insecticides and roofing tar, caulk, etc.  Drywall speckle must be dried up.

Latex paint will not be accepted, unless it's poured into a bag with sand or kitty litter at the bottom, when dry the bag should be closed and put into regular trash stream. The can without the lid can be placed into the recycling stream once it is dry.   

If you have multiple bulk items, please call (856) 665-0590 to inform the Public Works Department.   

Do not mix brush and yard waste with trash or recycling it will not be picked up.    

Brush and Yard Waste

Brush consists of: leaves, tree limbs, grass clippings, hay, corn stalks, organic matter; which can be bagged, put in cans or tied in bundles of no more that 40 Lbs. or 4 feet in length.

  East Side of Town            West Side of Town
1st & 3rd Wednesday      2nd & 4th Wednesday

                         NO pickup
                   5th Wednesday 

 East Side is Centre Street thru Ivins Avenue:

West Side is Centre Street thru West End Avenue

Second and Fourth Wednesdays only.  Both sides of Centre Street will be picked up with the West side.

No pick up will occur on the Fifth Wednesday.  

Please have items ready for curbside pickup by 7 AM.  



Merchantville will no longer collect:

  • TV’S

  • Computer Monitors

  • Computer Towers

  • Rear Projection TV’S

Residents may take these items to the local Good Will Store or Magnum Recycling at 5070 B. Central Highway, Pennsauken NJ 08109

Other Electronics, Metals, White Goods and Chemicals will be picked up on Fridays.  White Goods include refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers etc.

Are you a LANDLORD?

You are responsible for your tenants following the rules for trash and recycling.  


Private contractors are responsible for removing and disposing of all construction and work debris. This includes landscapers who are responsible for removal of leaves, limbs, trees, and brush. If you are a homeowner using a private contractor, you are responsible and subject to fines for the actions of your contractor.  

Thank you for your help and cooperation,


Merchantville Department of Public Works

Garage is located at Cove Road and East Chestnut Avenue 

QUESTIONS?  Please call Public Works at 856-665-0590

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FOR SEWER PROBLEMS, call (856) 662-0507

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